The helmet features a woven glass / kevlar shell, full face protection, high quality three coat lacquer finish, and is very light weight (24 ounces).

The Insider has a very comfortable, semi-streamlined shape with excellent peripheral vision and will accommodate glasses or goggles. It is also very easy to adapt for installation of a radio headset.

The Insider helmet is tested and certified to CEN Standard EN 966, which is a European testing standard specifically designed for helmets used for sport aviation. This standard includes tests for shock absorption, penetration resistance, and specifications for visibility and head mobility.

Color representation over the Web depends heavily on the equipment one is using for viewing. The images below were all scanned from actual helmets at the same time under similar conditions and should give you a good idea of the colors of the Charly helmets.

For reference, the white helmets are a bright, shiny white. The images show the ear hole area of each helmet and the checkerboard pattern at the base/rear area of the colored helmets.

Be aware that while these helmets are VERY popular for Skateboarding, Long-boarding and Speed-boarding, they are specifically designed for Hang Gliding and Paragliding, where speeds are generally slow.

They are certified to an appropriate EN (European) standard, but are not tested to, and would likely not meet the DOT or SNELL standards for motorcycle helmets, which may be more appropriate for downhill racing in skateboards. Each Charly helmet carries a warning label to this effect.

We provide these helmets as a service for professional speed boarders that wish to use them and we make no warranty as to their fitness for a particular use beyond that of the manufacturer.